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We, the undersigned, support the addition of a policy at Souhegan High School which allows students to run their own entrepreneurial businesses at the school. These businesses would be approved or rejected by Maggie Paul and the Community Council, and the students can sell their product/service during the day, pocketing 85% of the profit. Additionally, students earning over a certain amount through their business can potentially earn school credit and hire other students to help their business.Presently, there is no such policy that gives students this unique experience. Aside from business and marketing classes, there is a great need at Souhegan High School for entrepreneurial education, and giving students the opportunity to become entrepreneurs themselves could fix this. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that youth entrepreneurship has the potential to improve school performance, school attendance, and readiness for the workforce, as well as many skills such as decision-making skills, organizational skills, leadership skills, and time-management skills. Among many other skills youth entrepreneurship improves, these skills can prepare students for their life ahead and help them be successful in the future.Additionally, there is great demand for more youth entrepreneurship in high schools, and our school is no exception. According to a poll by Junior Achievement, 68.6% of teens want to be entrepreneurs. Similarly, Gallop Poll reported that, 69% of high school students said they wanted to start their own businesses. It is evident that students want the chance to gain real-world entrepreneurial experience, and should be given that opportunity.With the numerous positive effects the ability to run businesses at school can have on students and few drawbacks, Souhegan students deserve the opportunity to get a head start in life and gain vital entrepreneurial experience.

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